Important! On May 16, Power Soccer will close. For more information, please see our announcement.
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Power Soccer

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Power Soccer is a massive multiplayer web game of Soccer, where you control your players in real-time 3D.

Experience the true power of soccer online with Power Soccer. Thousands of players are part of this soccer world, each with their own unique team. Challenge other teams, take control over the development of your team, and strive to be the best player in the game.

You can play one off games, or you can enter tournaments or leagues. The best part of it all is that entering the world of Power Soccer is free of charge.

Power Soccer Features
- Completely web-based
- Instant play - no tricky installation
- You control the players in a real-time soccer game
- Full 3D card acceleration support
- Challenge anyone in the game
- Massive tournaments
- Community features, e.g. chat and ranking
- Level and skill system. See the team and players evolve and improve

What is a massively multiplayer web game (MMWG)?
A massively multiplayer web game is a video game where a player connects via a web browser through the Internet to a persistent virtual world, joining with hundreds of thousands of other gamers in a shared experience. While many modern computer games support multiplayer gaming, very few are designed to support the thousands of simultaneous players found within the worlds of Instead of starting a game on a local network and inviting a few friends to play, Power Soccer uses a web browser to connect to our servers, allowing an almost unlimited number of players to join from all across the globe.

How does Power Soccer differ from other massively multiplayer web games?
The Power soccer team have over five years of massively multiplayer gaming experience to build upon. Our 3D engine takes massively multiplayer sport games to new heights. Take a look at the screenshots and the trailer so see what it looks like.

Is the Game Really Free?
Yes the game is free. You do not need to pay anything to play the game. If you want to, you can become a Power Soccer Club Member. By doing so you get access to some extra features in the game, like being able to host tournaments, and you also support us in our work to continuously improve the game.

System Requirements
Open ports on firewall:
The game requires to have open port 5000-5009 and 19998-19999 open for UDP traffic. Most firewalls allow that by default.

9.0 or greater

Pentium III 600 MHz or greater

Video Card
DirectX 9.0b or Open GL1.1 compatible.
Example: 3D-Graphic Card equivalent to GeForce 32MB

Operating Systems:
Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP, Vista

Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape or any browser supporting java 1.1 or greater