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Congratulations less than 300 users online at " Peak Time " 9 offline_icon_small yop123456 8/19/2014 (GMT+0200) 10:33pm (CET)
  Power Soccer Crew Daily Motivation Thread 22 offline_icon_small yop123456 8/16/2014 (GMT+0200) 7:00am (CET)
Make Official Matches Free 22 offline_icon_small yop123456 8/16/2014 (GMT+0200) 6:40am (CET)
  Power Soccer World Cup Tournament Removed 28 offline_icon_small yop123456 8/16/2014 (GMT+0200) 4:37am (CET)
  Open Tournaments 3 offline_icon_small fout2rue 8/16/2014 (GMT+0200) 4:33am (CET)
  Have the crew seen the criticism? 7 offline_icon_small gallisfithem 8/16/2014 (GMT+0200) 3:47am (CET)
  if this game was free since 2005 to 2014 9 offline_icon_small goalgoal1000 8/15/2014 (GMT+0200) 9:51pm (CET)
Power Soccer crew Failed = No Creativity 5 offline_icon_small yop123456 8/15/2014 (GMT+0200) 9:28pm (CET)
  some players were so nasty for begging some coins so often 3 offline_icon_small psychizombie 8/15/2014 (GMT+0200) 1:21pm (CET)
  Auto Pilot 5 offline_icon_small  blagoja73 8/15/2014 (GMT+0200) 9:56am (CET)
Thread 3 offline_icon_small i_forgot_my_password 8/14/2014 (GMT+0200) 9:25am (CET)
  who is the best soccer player 19 offline_icon_small goalgoal1000 8/14/2014 (GMT+0200) 5:09am (CET)
bye 5 offline_icon_small fullstop.97 8/13/2014 (GMT+0200) 10:07am (CET)
Im sad so im leaving 5 offline_icon_small i_forgot_my_password 8/13/2014 (GMT+0200) 9:55am (CET)
  what is going to change this year in power soccer 16 offline_icon_small goalgoal1000 8/13/2014 (GMT+0200) 7:43am (CET)
PSE: 1 Year Clan League - a history article 14 offline_icon_small  dxdj2(MA) 8/11/2014 (GMT+0200) 3:40pm (CET)
  Strong Sense of Entitlement 7 offline_icon_small msl12allstar 8/10/2014 (GMT+0200) 2:58pm (CET)
  How did you find PS? 27 offline_icon_small  imbackandreadytofight 8/8/2014 (GMT+0200) 4:52pm (CET)
  Game still lagging heavily 5 offline_icon_small drlanceunderpants 8/8/2014 (GMT+0200) 1:57pm (CET)
  Pic on Teampage 5 offline_icon_small ferdinandhu 8/7/2014 (GMT+0200) 6:12am (CET)
  we need better tournament 4 offline_icon_small goalgoal1000 8/6/2014 (GMT+0200) 11:09pm (CET)
  More Physics = More shots 30 offline_icon_small gwiwin 8/5/2014 (GMT+0200) 3:10pm (CET)
  Add Armenia to list of countries 8 offline_icon_small anteor 8/4/2014 (GMT+0200) 6:37pm (CET)
Goal Of The Month - July 2014 77 offline_icon_small  marci-fcm(MA) 8/1/2014 (GMT+0200) 6:10pm (CET)
  reaL story 10 offline_icon_small quebec_power 7/31/2014 (GMT+0200) 3:34am (CET)
  My Personal Views of the current Development 8 offline_icon_small eray15 7/30/2014 (GMT+0200) 9:33pm (CET)
  Skill pack should be costly 3 offline_icon_small aishwaryastriker 7/30/2014 (GMT+0200) 6:29am (CET)
Leveling beyond 99 for ONE YEAR Club Members? 91 offline_icon_small  powdersnow(Crew) 7/29/2014 (GMT+0200) 5:20pm (CET)
  Plans for the future? 32 offline_icon_small unseeded 7/29/2014 (GMT+0200) 6:19am (CET)
  Serious question? 10 offline_icon_small fullstop.97 7/28/2014 (GMT+0200) 11:44pm (CET)

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