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Aid Kit: Technical Help

Title Replies Author Date
  Please re-open my account. 1 offline_icon_small donce_petrazole 8/6/2014 (GMT+0200) 11:13pm (CET)
  Memory could not be "read" 1 offline_icon_small gaboosh 8/5/2014 (GMT+0200) 5:14pm (CET)
  Is there any way to make away shirts in different colours than h 2 offline_icon_small kondi83 7/31/2014 (GMT+0200) 7:40pm (CET)
  'Stalling' due to OGs in Multiplayer 2 offline_icon_small powerplayer727 7/31/2014 (GMT+0200) 2:07am (CET)
Clan Cup Can't Join 5 offline_icon_small  andy-33 7/30/2014 (GMT+0200) 6:56am (CET)
  Private Message and Private Challenge won't work 3 offline_icon_small  dan_toonarmy 7/27/2014 (GMT+0200) 5:36am (CET)
  [Guide] Power Tokens & Membership 15 offline_icon_small  camiventa(FA) 7/24/2014 (GMT+0200) 12:13pm (CET)
  Country rank help 1 offline_icon_small liel1234 7/20/2014 (GMT+0200) 10:51am (CET)
  BAN FOR NO REASONS? 3 offline_icon_small takis1221 7/19/2014 (GMT+0200) 6:16am (CET)
  An error ocurred while updating the game?? 1 offline_icon_small brebas_96 7/19/2014 (GMT+0200) 6:14am (CET)
  Black Screen 1 offline_icon_small lasnenas02 7/19/2014 (GMT+0200) 6:12am (CET)
  Payment Failed? Mobile) 1 offline_icon_small operationsuicide 7/8/2014 (GMT+0200) 8:22pm (CET)
  If i buy 3 days membership 2 offline_icon_small chibudom 7/8/2014 (GMT+0200) 8:06pm (CET)
  Clan cups 1 offline_icon_small liel1234 7/6/2014 (GMT+0200) 5:09pm (CET)
Grafika i zacinka 2 offline_icon_small dawidpolonia 6/29/2014 (GMT+0200) 10:08pm (CET)
  Problem : " Please wait , your game will start in a moment ". 2 offline_icon_small moksliukas 6/28/2014 (GMT+0200) 4:43pm (CET)
  any computer genius? 7 offline_icon_small  mr_khiz.. 6/27/2014 (GMT+0200) 10:14am (CET)
  Trading card wont load. 0 offline_icon_small jedandevetdvajedan1 6/25/2014 (GMT+0200) 5:02pm (CET)
  I need help: game window doesn't start 10 offline_icon_small arctic.monkeys 6/23/2014 (GMT+0200) 3:13pm (CET)
  The pitch is white 4 offline_icon_small reincarnated. 6/23/2014 (GMT+0200) 3:08pm (CET)
  Help! 3 offline_icon_small puddleduck 6/23/2014 (GMT+0200) 10:02am (CET)
  tickets 7 offline_icon_small pezzz4 6/21/2014 (GMT+0200) 2:35am (CET)
  Helping Problem in Game!!! 0 offline_icon_small -midfielder- 6/20/2014 (GMT+0200) 11:55am (CET)
  Problém se spuštění hry 1 offline_icon_small ravadiin 5/22/2014 (GMT+0200) 1:28pm (CET)
Beginners area -Mission is currently being played 1 offline_icon_small bernardmanche 5/15/2014 (GMT+0200) 7:07am (CET)
  PC crashes down. 8 offline_icon_small imchamp 5/13/2014 (GMT+0200) 9:19am (CET)
  Where can I play? 3 offline_icon_small vadergareth 5/13/2014 (GMT+0200) 1:06am (CET)
  XP not increasing 6 offline_icon_small timbrown 5/7/2014 (GMT+0200) 5:21pm (CET)
  Gamepad isnt being picked up on Powersoccer 3 offline_icon_small sargy09 5/7/2014 (GMT+0200) 3:23am (CET)
Why was I suspended? 1 offline_icon_small sedano1983 4/30/2014 (GMT+0200) 10:24pm (CET)

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