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Title Replies Author Date
PLAY WITH GOOGLE CHROME!!! 2 offline_icon_small -aqua- 9/15/2015 (GMT+0100) 4:42pm (CET)
  Help with Settings: My Team is too Slow! 4 offline_icon_small sedano1982 9/11/2015 (GMT+0100) 1:50pm (CET)
  game stuck on loading screen. 1 offline_icon_small xetrax 9/10/2015 (GMT+0100) 12:20am (CET)
  i tried to install plugin 3 offline_icon_small choabozi 9/8/2015 (GMT+0100) 3:50pm (CET)
  Cant access cups page 1 offline_icon_small j..cole 8/14/2015 (GMT+0100) 6:55am (CET)
  Plugin Issue (Not Chrome) 2 offline_icon_small child100 8/10/2015 (GMT+0100) 6:48pm (CET)
  Plugin won't work but ive installed it like 8 times. 4 offline_icon_small azzaboy10000 7/13/2015 (GMT+0100) 2:16pm (CET)
  Public chat help 1 offline_icon_small hassanhusna 6/30/2015 (GMT+0100) 5:59pm (CET)
  problems with downloading i cant play 2 offline_icon_small sefa2334 6/30/2015 (GMT+0100) 5:57pm (CET)
  I can't play!! 6 offline_icon_small greek_ 6/19/2015 (GMT+0100) 8:56am (CET)
  lagging: i know someone allready asked it 1 offline_icon_small gunt21 6/19/2015 (GMT+0100) 7:13am (CET)
  Every user is lagging? 4 offline_icon_small kumih101 6/15/2015 (GMT+0100) 6:29am (CET)
  Power Soccer doens't respond 6 offline_icon_small christos1237 6/9/2015 (GMT+0100) 9:16am (CET)
  The game is lagging 3 offline_icon_small footballpro02 6/6/2015 (GMT+0100) 6:36am (CET)
  Can't install plug-in. 10 offline_icon_small awesomecook1 5/27/2015 (GMT+0100) 12:18pm (CET)
  Plugin Problems 3 offline_icon_small .skenderbeg 5/21/2015 (GMT+0100) 10:12am (CET)
  MESSAGE Close Your user has been suspended and is no longer allo 6 offline_icon_small kolavar2 5/20/2015 (GMT+0100) 8:58am (CET)
Delete account 1 offline_icon_small mostodont2 5/19/2015 (GMT+0100) 11:38am (CET)
  Window 2 offline_icon_small kevijd_kevejdo 5/18/2015 (GMT+0100) 5:51pm (CET)
  FRAPS 3 offline_icon_small  htc. 5/13/2015 (GMT+0100) 10:48pm (CET)
  what the hell ? 2 offline_icon_small ashkap 5/13/2015 (GMT+0100) 5:38am (CET)
  how to undo always reject abort 1 offline_icon_small officialahmedmusa 5/8/2015 (GMT+0100) 4:15pm (CET)
  Can't find an opponent 1 offline_icon_small atlexmusic 5/4/2015 (GMT+0100) 3:14pm (CET)
  oyunu acamıyorum 2 offline_icon_small ardamete111 4/23/2015 (GMT+0100) 6:51pm (CET)
  Nao consigo jogar mais 1 offline_icon_small tocantins3 4/23/2015 (GMT+0100) 6:46pm (CET)
  PROBLEM PLUGIN! 6 offline_icon_small -goodbye- 4/19/2015 (GMT+0100) 1:17am (CET)
  PLUGIN PROBLEMS? ONLY This topic will help. EXACTLY 0 offline_icon_small -goodbye- 4/19/2015 (GMT+0100) 1:09am (CET)
y m i banned 1 offline_icon_small  sam18081 4/15/2015 (GMT+0100) 10:11am (CET)
  Played the game years ago, need help. 1 offline_icon_small ashycfc 4/9/2015 (GMT+0100) 11:21am (CET)
  Cant play. 0 offline_icon_small awesomecook1 3/30/2015 (GMT+0100) 3:06pm (CET)

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