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power for mac window

offline_icon_small i_belong_to_jesus

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From: us - ...
i use mac window when i open the game and download the files ant try to setup it it open as a text file ..... some one till me .exe never work in mac window.........can any one help me please?
Written: 11/16/2010 (GMT+0100) 2:43am (CET)
offline_icon_small lol18

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From: tt - Somewhere
Clan: [CSXI] Member
I Don't think powerchallenge works on macs. I know many people when I challenge they say they are on their mac. Sorry mate, won't work for you!
Written: 11/16/2010 (GMT+0100) 3:09am (CET)
offline_icon_small 1kaka

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From: pk - Lahore
Yep, Power soccer does not work on MAC , I think it only works in Windows and perhaps Linux(not too sure).

Sadly :(
Written: 11/16/2010 (GMT+0100) 3:39am (CET)
offline_icon_small swedeswede

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From: us - Antarctica
Clan: [MB] Member
The only solution is to get a program similar to boot camp, that lets you load either windows or mac on your apple computer. It's a magical thing, if you are a gamer you may want to look into it.
Written: 11/16/2010 (GMT+0100) 4:28am (CET)


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